Les salanganes

This Wednesday, November 23, a notebook is handed over by our aisbl to the children of the orphanage “Le Refuge-Les Salanganes” in Lillois-Witterzée. This orphanage aims to: – To accept the suffering, the “apparent wound” of a child, a family. The invisible ones of the child, of the parents: the tribal, affective, social, professional inheritances,…


Charity night

Continuing its agenda of activities to carry out the project you have in place to help children in birmanie, the association organized last June 17 a small event in which the main objective was to collect funds for the purchase of school supplies for children in Birmanie.

Conference at the Belgian Senate, “Racism and social integration”

On Monday March 21 International Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the Association organized a conference at the Belgian Senate sponsored by Senator Bertin Mampaka to look for different ideas and solutions to this issue that concerns everyone, not only in the racial field the discrimination by skin color, but also discrimination disabled, religion, country,…



Our major humanitarian Association, Solidarity Nnm, Friday October 9, was received in the Apostolic Nunciature in Spain, by SE Archbishop Renzo Fratini, Apostolic Nuncio of Vatican. The president of the Association, Mrs. Mangue, made a presentation of functioning, objectives and activities of the association to publicize the important work you are doing for the needy.…



Solidaritynnm was established in order to help countries support their most vulnerable populations by sponsoring international and domestic NGOs that are active in providing solutions to these populations’ issues. This year, two unfortunate countries – Vanuatu and Nepal – each suffered a terrible act of God that destroyed 80% of their infrastructure. This is why…