This non-profit organization aims at supporting human development and those who are in dire conditions.

The association notably dedicates itself to raising funds in order to finance international humanitarian projects.

We want :

  • to help the most needy and vulnerable face their problems and difficulties

  • to work to put back a smile on the faces of all those who are suffering

  • to give the courage to keep trying and to believe in oneself

  • To tackle people’s problems while showing how important solidarity is.


We select our projects according to current events.

Each year, the association will select a theme for which we will set up a project. Themes such as.

  • fighting against racism

  • supporting and helping war victims

  • Tackling gender-related violence (against women and children but also against men who very often dare not to speak up)

  • fighting against sexual abuse

  • facing natural disasters

  • fostering education projects for children and adults

  • putting an end to world hunger

  • fighting against diseases that threaten the lives of thousands of people (Ebola, AIDS, cancer, malaria…)

In conclusion, we want to keep fighting to defend the most basic and fundamental right of any human being.